18 Month Volunteer Program

Gain a B-Certificate in ‘Fighting with The Poor’ – 18 Months Program

What is Poverty?  The geography of poverty today was not formed by infertility of soils, lack of materials or inferior ingenuity of people, but by a chain of historic events that take us back some 500 years.  Likewise the future will be determined by influences outside the realm of ordinary people.

Through this program we dare to look at the problems and big issues of our present time right in the eye, understanding the forces and politics at play, acknowledging the real consequences of the lack of human rights that are pervasive on a large part of our planet, not just seen from one place but on a global scale.  We dare to dream and envision a future for We the People and try to point to modern, lively, inclusive and sustainable ways and solutions.

We will study, investigate, travel and see with our own eyes absolute poverty and lack of human rights and we will realise what this means to those children in poverty… women in poverty… men in poverty… and we will search for sustainable solutions.  We will dig for the truth, we will dream, debate, hike, laugh, sweat and be challenged on all counts.  We will spread awareness, spreading our findings in speech, in writing, through artistic expression and in lively debate with people and by modern means of communication.

Outline of the Program

6 Months in Denmark

3 months studies on important issues about our times

3 months studies and debates to visualize the future of the world, it’s problems and solutions

6 Months Volunteering in Africa or India

Living, working and fighting shoulder to shoulder with The Poor to improve their conditions by making community development work in groups of three

6 Months in Europe

4 months compiling the results of the development work you have been part of, making a variety of products to bring to the public: books, poetry, films, posters, presentations, exhibitions etc.  Getting in contact with people of all ages and walks of life and spreading news and knowledge about the present times.

1 month common conclusion by tallying up the results you have reached, the impact you have made, and how you have developed your leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and the rest.

1 month to prepare your future