Clothes Sale

Humana People to People organizations operate in 19 countries in Europe and North America, among them some of the world’s richest. The basic philosophy is to create a stream of funds and useful commodities; from people who have, to people in other parts of the world who do not have. Everybody can participate and do good with what they have – for example by donating their used clothes to be re-used. The collected clothes is either sold directly on the international market, or is being treated in sorting centers in Europe, some sold in shops and other donated to member organizations in Africa for re-sale.

We install containers for collecting the clothes in many countries, we separate the clothes into categories, some to be sold in Europe and North America and others sold to tradesmen on the international market and some to be shipped to Humana centers in the Third World

Creating Social Development through Second Hand Clothes

The second hand clothes collection addresses environment development, economic development, and social development at the same time.

The environment is protected as the re-use of clothes saves resources for production of new clothes, minimizes the emission of green house gasses, and spares the landfills from millions of tons of clothes.

Economic development is supported through the job creation – jobs are created in the formal sector as well as in the informal sector with sorting, washing, transporting and selling the clothes – and through the local trade that stimulates economic activity. Social development is supported, as the surplus from the trade both in Europe and the USA and in Africa is used for development projects.

It is the total income from shops in Europe, in North America and in the Third World that, in the form of capital, constitutes a significant part of the financing of establishing and running projects in the in Third World.

As a volunteer activist you can take part in the development of the retail industry in many developing countries where Humana People to People works.  You will make many actions to train staff and assist in increasing the profits so as to create much more development.