General Training

Producing development is no easy task.  It is about making sure that the experiences you gain have a lasting impact on whose lives you touch.  It is about going for peace and cooperation between people by being honest and incorruptible.  It is about living a healthy lifestyle so you can stay fit for fight, productive and active into old age.  It is about deciding to learn new things, being constantly curious and interested in knowing the latest on current events, world politics and scientific progress.  It is about taking responsibility, producing results and reaching goals.  It is about developing insights into the conditions of people.

To formulate a training program to live up to these vast expectations, the training at DRH Holsted has as it’s basis: The World, It’s People and It’s Conditions.  The training program is untraditional, practical and beneficial thus offering solutions to many of the problems with which modern education is struggling.  Furthermore the teaching and learning takes place through:

Learning by Doing

This unique learning opportunity consists of a confrontation between the student and object of learning.  This close connection enables the students to get close to the subject matter and assists the students to learn more, understand better & acquire new ideas.


The participant is encouraged to use many opportunities to experience new things and thereby train how to take responsibility, how to organize, how to lead and get development to take off the ground leading to improved leadership skills, social skills and communication skills.

Team Work

There are many benefits of working together as a team, an essential one being that the capacity to experience, think and see jointly is combined with the capacity to act together.  In this way it is possible to achieve much more than it would to be alone.  At the same time, a part of this is the foundation that working alone is a condition for good cooperation and vise-versa.