Humana People To People

About Humana People to People

Humana People to People is a network of non-profit aid organizations in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America, all working in the field of international solidarity, cooperation and development.

Humana People to People was born with the wish to contribute to the fight against colonialism and apartheid in the late 1970-ies. When the last countries of southern Africa had won their independence and later when apartheid was abolished, Humana People to People continued to contribute to building the new societies and better lives for the people.  With the end of apartheid in 1994, it became clear that the struggle for development together with the poor people in the world was the natural continuation of the struggle against colonialism and apartheid.

Humana People to People has placed itself in the frontline of development. Being a part of civil society in many countries in good times as in bad has earned the organizations a solid reputation in making serious development work among people, within governments, and in national and international organizations alike. The Humana People to People organizations have extensive experience in implementing development programs of many different kinds and under difficult conditions, in making things happen and in doing what it takes to reach the set goals. These are qualities needed in the frontline of development.

The Humana People to People organizations are part of the national fabric, and the projects are part of the communities. The project leaders and other staff belong in the community where the projects are based, and whom they serve.

As of the beginning of 2010, 35 independent, national development aid organizations are members of “The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement”, with activities in 43 countries on five continents.

Some of the Visions

The Charter of Humana People to People bears witness to the many activities and visions they hold.  It is our intention that inspiration should be taken from an extract of this document as follows:

We, who are not secret drinkers in cradles of comfort while watching the world turn itself into a ball of fire, unite in hearts and in words and in deeds with all mankind…
When destitution is master
we bring food and clothing and jobs to the poverty stricken
When disease spreads
we hospitalize and nurse and bring relief, we comfort and hold and heal
When suffering walks about the landscapes, naked, free
we follow it, we deliberate, unite and get even with it
When exploitation is a rage of pain to the bodies,
we support liberation.  We create new locations with new jobs under new conditions
When water dies from the burning bacteria
we drill even deeper, we clean better, we organize health groups
When hunger acts as the loyal companion to the dying child,
we cry.  From the rivers of tears we water the new rice.  We build places for children
When growing up means never becoming old
we become part of the struggle against the plague and the war.  We create jobs.  We take action
When being old means the lonely longing for death
we organize the families.  then we activate the children and the young around the old people
When life cannot be lived, hardly even survived
we place ourselves in the line of fire.  With our thoughts, our words, our deeds