Life At DRH Holsted

This school is an alert and rich multi-cultural environment where teaching and learning takes place; inspired through studies, courses, team meetings and common meetings, and where all aspects of life at the school are debated, discussed and concluded upon.  Since this school is a boarding school there are many possibilities to create a colorful and diverse environment through the meeting of many people in the daily life, through sport and through a variety of entertaining and political evening programs.  There are also other elements worth mentioning here:

Improving the Physical Environment at the School: It is a very important skill for Development Instructors (volunteers) to be able to see what needs to be done to create a good, physical environment around them.  Apart from cooking, cleaning and weekly actions to maintain the school, building weekends are held 4 times per year to upgrade and renovate both indoor and out.

Garden Farming & Why We Do It: Threats from pollution, lack of water, global warming and climate change, pesticides, food poisoning, rising food prices and hunger catastrophes have become reasons for questioning the way in which we ordinary people get our food.  Along with the reality that the communities where we send volunteers fight a daily fight to gain food security, we have some valid and essential reasons to grow our own food and intend to find ways to increase this production in the coming years.

Integration: We have built a close cooperation with the students from the day school and the young adults from the care home with whom we share our life, buildings and faciltiies.  The life together includes cultural and evening programs, sport, cooking, are and nature trips to mention a few.  Through such activities, the students from the day school and care home get to be included in the life around them and most importantly gain the possibility to contribute to life at the school.  We also integrate with the local community by inviting our neighbours and the refugee group from the nearby Red Cross Centre.

You will no doubt benefit from, and build upon, these and many other aspects of the environment and activities at this school.