No Drugs, No Alcohol

Why this Policy?

Drinking alcohol at the project can cause problems to your health and safety. Drinking also effects productivity and efficiency of any work. If you drink alcohol you loose coordination and focus. Scientific studies also show that when you drink you; lose vitamin C, cause imbalance to blood sugar, and can feel depressed or drained of energy the following day. You need to make a special effort to stay healthy, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Developing vs. Destroying
Alcohol destroys development!
People spend money on alcohol – money that should be spent on food, clothes, shelter, education and health.

People who escape their reality of poverty by drinking do not have the power to become active in their community to change the situation. Moving out of poverty is not an easy task, and it takes a united effort and determination. This does not go together with alcohol.

Role model
The places where the projects are located are very poor and don’t have enough access to education. Some people there choose not to spend their money on necessary things for making a better life, but on alcohol, coca-cola, and so on. Even though some people cannot afford to buy essential things, they buy alcohol. We are going to those places to show another way and to be a positive example. If you drink alcohol, how can you tell them not to drink?  Honestly, how can you help them to change if you do not?  We need to be a complete role model by doing the right things in our daily life.

Action will change the world
All who choose the programs at DRH Holsted have moved themselves out from their comfort zone and decided to create change. The core of this policy isn’t that alcohol is ‘against the rules ‘ at DRH Holsted and with Humana People to People, it is for us to take a stand on how we can optimize your involvement and effort.

We advise you to take the “no drugs and no alcohol” policy as a gift and a challenge to develop a new culture where people can get together, have fun, relax and socialize, without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Enjoy the company of your fellow human beings purley heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, and without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You need to be serious if you commit to the program as it is demanding and requires your full attention.
We encourage you not to apply if you feel you can not agree or adhere to this policy.