One World University

One World University  or OWU for short was started by Development Aid from People to People in Mozambique and the Federation Humana People to People in 1998.  In the following years, the university went through a process of recognition in close cooperation with the Pedagogical University of Mozambique.  In 2005, OWU was approved by the Council of Ministers in Mozambique as a private university.  It was accredited to deliver academic courses and degrees to the level of Bachelor and Master with a nationally recognized qualification, and was given it’s official name ISET – Instituto Superior de Educacâo e Tecnologia, in short ISET/OWU.

OWU currently has three faculties: the Pedagogical faculty, the faculty of Fighting with The Poor and the faculty of Polyhistory.  The university offers its courses on site at its campus in Changalane, Mozambique as well as through distance learning.

Our Cooperation

DRH Holsted has entered into an agreement of cooperation with OWU in Mozambique allowing its participants to earn a degree from OWU as distance learners while following a course at DRH Holsted.  We offer:
– B-Certificates in Fighting with The Poor and Pedagogy: correspondent with a 1 year university course
– Licenciate in Pedagogy (and Polyhistory from 2014):  correspondent with a Bachelor’s degree

When participating in a OWU degree course, you will as part of the program go through the relevant curriculum and take the required exams from OWU.  You will be assigned a tutor who will be your contact person in all matters concerning your OWU degree.