Social Work Program

Gain a B-Certificate in Pedagogy and a B-Certificate in Fighting with The Poor – 2 Year Program

This program takes two important issues in the world of today and tackles them directly with both theoretical considerations and practice together  with the people.  The essence of the program points at, and fully accept the responsibility of the educated person to be part of transforming the societies where The Poor and poorer people of the world are to be found.  The people in our world are in need of teachers who have a high standard of ethics and practice and who know about the lives of the people they touch and nurture through their teachings.  At the same time, our world is in need of activists who by realizing the existence of The Poor, understand the basis of his plight, and who raise their personal willingness, ability and readiness to fight the good fight, side by side with The Poor.

Through this program, you will train a broad range of practical skills and you will acquire knowledge and experience in teaching, instructing, in social skills and fighting with The Poor.  You will study, investigate and spread awareness of ways and means that ordinary people can and must deal with the pressing issues facing humankind in today’s world.

You will spend the first year in on the job training, working and training as a teacher / social worker, combined with and backed up by theoretical studies and investigations of the big issues of our time, how people learn and how pedagogy can be used in the service of mankind.
During the second year you will be teaching and fighting with The Poor in a developing country two four-month stints.  Back at the school you will bring your knowledge and experience to the public and finalize the program with exams.

Outline of the Program

The First Year:

12 months studies, investigations and action research in Denmark on important issues connected to Pedagogy and Fighting with The Poor & saving up money for the program as an assistant teacher / social worker or promotion officer.

The Second Year

8 months volunteer work in Africa or India at a development project with 4 months focus on Pedagogy and 4 months focus on Fighting with The Poor.  Studies in evenings and weekends

2 months producing and spreading information throughout Europe

2 months studies, evaluation and final exam at the school.