Street Children

The Street Children Schools are social projects that contribute to the development of African countries by providing education to children in difficult situations; handicapped children, children without parents, HIV infected and affected children and the children who do not have the opportunity to attend school. The main aim of the schools are to enable the child to lead a sound productive life in the future.

Most children at the schools are day students. Besides the academic subjects, the students take part in a variety of lively and entertaining yet educative activities at the school. The culture and sporting programs help the children discover and develop their talents in the different disciplines.

Some of the children who have lived on the streets have a home at the schools.  The boarding life provides the preconditions for the children to focus on preparing themselves academically and socially so they can realise their potential in life.  They get a solid footing for their future, along with some very good years of school ife and safety in the company of responsible and caring adults.  They learn academic, practical and social skills by living together.  The children have access to counselling to help them overcome their difficulties.

The schools also involve the community in their activities. For example students form a theatre group and go out to the communtiy to entertain and educate on various aspects of life such as children’s rights, diseases, HIV/AIDS, and the importance of education. The theater groups reach out to the community through performances in different public areas also with messages focusing on peace and environmental protection.