TCE means Total Control of the Epidemic and is a radical and systematic program developed by Humana People to People to fight AIDS. The program started in 2000, is now in operation in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and involves millions of activists and people.

AIDS is the worst epidemic in human history. The epidemic was identified over 25 years ago and today there is not one country in the world that does not have people infected with HIV. The HIV & AIDS epidemic is a global crisis, and it affects all of us.  More than anywhere else the HIV & AIDS epidemic has struck sub-Saharan Africa and it has struck the poor and disadvantaged.  The spread of HIV & AIDS is compounded by lack of knowledge, unsanitary living conditions, inequality… and so the list goes on.  HIV & AIDS basically affects the majority of poor people who invariably become infected with HIV or affected by illness or death of family members… and it takes it toll.

In the tradition of the Humana People to People and its humanism founded on solidarity we humbly join the people of Africa in their struggle to get HIV/AIDS under control, and we invite Development Instructors to join this struggle.

The TCE Program takes its point of departure in the fact that only people can liberate themselves from the epidemic – but it certainly also takes the participation from all of us to effectively wipe out this plague.

Some facts about HIV / AIDS:

    • 60 million people in the world have been infected by HIV – the virus causing AIDS.
    • 20 million people have died.
    • 40 million people live with HIV / AIDS today.
    • 28.5 million people in Africa, South of Sahara, are HIV positive.
    • Over 7000 people die from AIDS everyday.
    • There is an estimated 14 million children orphaned by AIDS.
    • ½ million children are born HIV positive every year in Africa.
    • In 16 countries in Africa more than 10% of the population are infected.