Vacotional School

It is the aim of Vocational Schools to provide further education for young people so that they can qualify themselves to take an active part in the development of themselves and their country.  At 11 Vocational Schools in 6 countries, thousands of young people are trained in valuable skills such as agriculture, construction, motor mechanics and business administration.

The training combines theoretical and practical elements including school subjects and general knowledge.  The skills training takes centre stage and there is fruitful exchange between studies in the classroom and practical exercises in the workshops or in the field.  Periods of attachment in the neighbouring commercial companies, farms or other institutions are a valuable part of the program, where the reality of working life blends with what the students have learned at school.

The Vocational schools are boarding schools and the students take part in operating the school institution together with their teachers as at DRH Holsted.  Planning, preparation and implementation of tasks within a certain area by taking personal responsibility train valuable capacities of each person.  Culture, sports and a healthy lifestyle add to the personal development of the students.

An important aspect of the training is the training in community development which is an integrated part of the whole program of the school.  By participating in a 1 year program, the students acquire a high level of working morals, develop a deep sense of responsibility to duties, and they increase their understanding of other cultures and of the other gender – all in all they learn to practice modern ways of thinking.