Who We Are

DRH Holsted started in 1998 with the aim of training people to take part in international development work in some of the poorest parts of the world.  DRH stands for “Den Rejsende Hojskole” – ‘The Travelling Folk High School’. This refers to schools started in Denmark in the 1970’s building on a tradition of Scandinavian schools for adults that provide life skills education.

We place ourselves actively in the fight against poverty in our world through training programs that directly confront the global issues of our times.  Through our programs, we see our participants as wishing to be a part of, and contributors to, progressive development in the world.  We offer people the opportunity, not only to learn about the atrocities in the poor parts of the world, but also to join together and DO something; to take action by volunteering to fight against poverty and make a contribution to make poverty history.

We have a clear, perspective full and concretely directed idea of what to achieve in respect to equipping the students with relevant practical and theoretical knowledge, skills and practices, so that each student, and the study body, becomes able to act with others in the present reality.

In the aim of developing the place where we live and to do our part to deal with the social issues here in Denmark, we share our facilities and daily life with 2 social care institutions – a care home for adults with mental and learning difficulties and a day school for youngsters with learning and behavioral difficulties.  Even though Denmark is a rich country with a social welfare system, we have quite a big group of youngsters who do not get the opportunity to change their situation and develop themselves, because there is a lack of will and understanding to do what it takes. In our part of the world the main problem is social poverty and exclusion from the opportunities the rest of the population have.  There is a lively interaction between the different institutions here in Holsted.

We work in close cooperation with the International Federation Humana People to People and with One World University in Mozambique.

So far we have trained over 300 participants in a remarkable multicultural environment with a rich potential to get things done.